About Me

Brandon Martel

There are many reasons why I became a dog trainer, but there is one that trumps all the rest. My reason goes deeper than the standard answer of my love for dogs.

Although I do love dogs that is not the reason why I became a dog trainer. I have seen how much a trained dog can help someone. I know from personal experience what a dog can do for a person. In January of 2012 when I was fourteen I began having seizures and anxiety and I thought there wasn't anything in the world that could help. I had given up; I didn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I thought I was destined to live at my parents the rest of my life because I was too fearful to do anything. I thought that if I went somewhere alone, I would have a seizure and die all alone, so I never left the house. I was even homeschooled for a year because of it.

The only people who didn't give up on me were my parents. They found a company that trained service dogs. They told me about it and I didn’t believe it would do anything, but I agreed that I would try it. Little did I know that it would be the best thing I would ever do. They ended up training my golden-doodle named Sophie. I went from being homeschooled and not wanting to step out the front door to going back to high school and hanging with friends. My anxiety almost disappeared because I had Sophie there with me who I trusted. If anything was to happen, I trusted that she would know what to do. She taught me a valuable lesson. She taught me to trust again. During these times, I had a very difficult time trusting anyone, even my parents. I would doubt everybody, but Sophie taught me to trust again. I had to trust her when I went out with her. I relied on her, she was my helper.

So the ultimate reason for me becoming a dog trainer is because I want to help people in the same way my service dog, Sophie, helped me.. My goal is to help those who feel like I did to overcome their challenges. I would not be where I am today without my service dog so I want to be able to help provide a service dog to those who may be in a similar situation.

I soon realized that many people enjoy having a fully trained dog in their home so I branched out to include other services including Dog Obedience, Dog Walking, Service Dog Training and In-Home Pet Sitting.

My goal is to help as many dogs and their owners from Palm Beach to Delray have a better life.


Reference #1

Elite K9 Academy Inc.
18291 126th Terrace North
Juputer, FL, 33478

June 23, 2017

Brandon Martel has graduated from Elite K9 Academy’s School for Dog Trainers and has worked with many dogs at our facility.

Brandon is certified in both Obedience and Service Dog Training courses. He has excelled in both courses and has worked successfully with large, medium and small dogs. He has also handled problem dogs with success.

Brandon has excellent people skills and he is very patient with both people and dogs.

We are confident that you will be pleased with the results of Brandon’s training skills.

If you have any questions about Brandon and/or his training, please feel free to contact us at 561-262-5966.


Nick Kutsukos
Director of Training

Reference #2

Elaine Donaghue and Brent Winans
3 Harbour Drive South
Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

June 12, 2017

An Open Letter of Recommendation for Brandon Martel, our dog trainer

We recommend Brandon most highly, he knows what he’s doing and he is a dependable, reliable and smart young man who is a very honest business person. We and our dogs feel fortunate to have him in our lives.

We have known Brandon Martel since he was a young boy. He and his upstanding family have lived in the same neighborhood as we have since 2001. We’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow up, graduate from high school and begin his career as a dog trainer. He is a natural with dogs. Caring for them and training them is his passion, and we have seen him dedicate himself to become the expert dog trainer he is today.

Our two Golden Retrievers, Inde (5, a rescue from Miami) and Lila (2 ½, a rescue from South Korea), look forward to his daily visits, and they shake all over with excitement when they hear him approach the door. Lila can’t get close enough to Brandon and would jump into his arms if she could.

When he began his neighborhood business, he offered both dog walking and dog training. We started out with the walking initially, because we had Indie (4) and an older Golden, Lucy (another rescue, 12 at least) who were pretty well-behaved on a leash. When we lost our Lucy, and Lila came into our lives from South Korea, she definitely needed training, no question about it! Being younger than two with not an ounce of training, she was an exuberant hanful! Fun was what she was all about, and training was off her readar about as far as it could be.

Brandon stepped right in and began working with her. She is making great, steady progress and Brandon has been responsible for that. She knows commands and doesn’t charge out of the door ahead of us nay longer. It is important that I (Elaine) have a dog that behaves well because with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I cannot risk a fall. It is our privlege to recommend him to you.


Elaine Donaghue & Brent Winana